A reasonable explanation please, Mr. Prometheus!

Meanwhile during intermission, the ionosphere is electric.

It’s the Dawning of an Age,

the auroras are on to full-effect!

Neutrino concessions hum and I’ve made it backstage, snuck behind the background radiation security gaurds.

It’s been such a treat, the “Intergalactic extravaganza”, amazing the past six days!

Party in an artificial sound aquarium on a crater, the Wunda crater to be precise, distant moon. Yes, you’ll need directions.

‘Cosmic cooperation symposium’ presents

“Unlikely companionships”? How perfect.

Neptune is preparing to take questions from the audience.

I know it’s unbelievable!

Been a monumental undertaking, coming

Hosted on the moons past Saturn, if you can imagine it.

Making all kinds of ungodly noises

Sultan of the sea is

Warming up his vocal cords for eager legions of crowd-surfers.

Over the ruckus of the intimate

Persian tent the size of a modest nebula,

I’ve nudged my way forward with great motivation, to say:

(I’ve been rehersing in my head

Preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime moment,

To hear it from the horse’s mouth, himself)

“Excuse me, Mr. Prometheus,” with a smile, catching his gaze,

“Not to interrupt a most rousing game

Of hippos, with

Icarus’s Russian Dolls,

pardon me ladies, if I may?

This year’s theme IS ‘unlikely companionships, leopard pups and rabbits!’ ‘n my friend Duck and I pilgrimed it

all the way from Earth

To be in attendance –

I was hoping to trouble you with a pressing personal question?”

The painted ladies kindly consenting,

let me barge in on asteroids being eaten,

“I understand you two, you and Neptune, have quite a hungry-hungry rivalry!” I say,

and go about breaking

the ice a bit before diving

into the meat of it.

When I’d got their giggles, I said “when you stack back up, girls,

send my regards to the box of p.ditty – last years anti-matter thunderstorm dancers

were epic,

out of this universe!”

“They were spectacular” say the Icarus’s Russian dolls in chorus (hopping merrily on levers that disappear meteorites),

“the photos really didn’t do it justice.”

They are so cute! So true.

“Couldn’t agree, more” I reply enthusiastically

“Prometheus, to the subject

back at hand, as the expert on unbounding things past Saturn,

What is Uranus’s lemenece incandescence made out of,


He looks at me as if having expected something more personal,

[He’ll make me work for it, okay…]

“See, I brought a friend with me to the celestial events, her name is Ducky

She’s a CCS virgin, she’s great! But sometimes..

She finds “unpredictable and erratic

behaviors” a tiny bit “unnerving”.

Has been in want of a reasonable explanation! Understandably,

With all she’s seen

I’m trying to chill-out and enjoy but

We’ve been heatedly debating:

Here’s the rub –

I find your incessant striving for inventive originality, Mr Prometheus, sir, to be

Liberating! Stole fire from the gods, I mean how cool!

She and I have been

struggling to see eye-to-eye

Regarding the strength of conventional restraints and virtuous traditional structures. Myself,

Having a habitual desire for unusual and exciting eccentricities

My childhood companion, Ducky

Only came on my insisting

(kinda freaking-out)

She is cautioned, more conservative

Spooks a little easy.

Helps awareness of my limits, no less, for the best, mostly

However trips out here have been so enlightening, [my 7th year attending CCS’s intergalactic extravaganzas, personally], yet

I think my friend’s brain may have over-expanded!

Saying she feels like she is about to have an aneurism, or something

Yes, a little paranoid or neurotic

I just feel like if I could tell her what

Infinity is made-out-of

She might calm down and

Not be so stressed-out about the light-show,

ya know?”

“Certainly” says Prometheus, “that’s all elementary arithmetic! Happy to help.

Lemenece incandescence is made-out-of the following fundamental archetypes of meaning [matter and/or energy mixology]

70% dark matter

23% dark energy

This kind of heavenly sparkly-electromagnetism-body being only 7%, and it’s mostly right-handed

With 99.85% being keono matter and the other .15 percent is anti-

Can’t be seen, as it is going the wrong way”
I’ve taken out my smart phone and am making notes, to report to duck,

Having given me a moment to catch up

He says,

“In the electromagnetic minority is

Sensitivity to the light

that makes you pretty special

Is my personal opinion

Your friend’s heightened awareness of the importance of the past

Her trepidation to go too fast, this and

That’s all because you are,

my fine sentient earthling friend,

but light slowed down.”

Trying to wrap my mind

around the bomb that went off in my head,

mindlessly take a lever in my hands

help p. Ditty’s box beat the girls so they can go home, as it is much past time for bed.

Neptune having finished his Q&A steps up to play the winner

commenting how, “Prometheus got his ass-handed-to-him by the girls again!”,

“I couldn’t help but over-hearing” Neptune says, “if I may butt-in about your friend the Duck,”

“Okay sure,” I say, thinking omg, the god of the sea is talking to me, Holy Manatees.

“The other 93% that’s moving much faster than she can ‘take a quack-at-it’, so to speak”, he says.

(Who knew Neptune’d be punny?)

All of IT belongs to her”, goes on adamantly,

“All of it once walked and talked and shook its tail like she does today!

Maybe she’ll find this reassuring:

Check this observation out –

Last time I was cruising up and over earth, it appeared as if the atoms

there have far more space inside them

than anywhere else,

Strange indeed.”

Neptune just totally showed me what hippos is all about!

I step back from the game, modestly,

having been absolutely decimated by his ninja-hippo-skills.

Magnanimously, he carries on,

“The space between the nucleus and the electrons, the size inside of atoms,

then hypothesized as being

The record of all the previous consciousness’, well, of the measurement’s records more,


Observation that had been taken

By subjects in that space-time coordinate some time before it,

previously sounding out a conversation

with the world that has how been unified to oblivion, probabilistic reckoning is that

the gravity of the contextual situation, is still remaining, lingering and hidden,

Intelligence doesn’t come out of thin air

in your duck’s

dark matter’s weight

and anti-mater tail’s


there is perhaps a ‘dark energy holo’ like a

multi-generational disco

of all the ideas that were once had

That haven’t found their destined path

Back to unity with the unknowable nothing.

Now those electrical signals are long gone, not currently making any relative change in heat that can be detected

but still necessarily included;

referenced in current circumstances.

Having happened casually

Indeed I insist that you consider that data of the situation!

As the holder of the most unique orbital perspective I feel confident that the dark spaces mass can be conceived as

consciousness’ history since thoughts ever thought of beginning –

The deeper purpose ducky is searching for behind the gaps in comprehension of her artistry

are only frightening because a duck knows when something is sacred to her Earth.”
“Neptune this is most fascinating,

Please do go on,” Promethus pleads him sardonically,

Neptune ignoring his provocation,

and beating him all the same, indignantly


“In earth’s retrograde, it became clear to me that in the spaces inbetween (in the other ninty-three percent of Uranus’ lemenece incandescently) flows

The whole history of antiquity’s

Velocity and trajectory.

What’s more,

Quite possibly,

Earth’s sentient beings, the humans of the here and now

Are responsible for the accelerating

Expansion in the quadrant,

With all the new conversations they’re creating,

it’s as if somehow since we last met

the total amount of information on earth’s end of the galaxy has doubled!

I swear the trip here felt significantly longer

than I’d remembered.”
“We’re out of here guys, you crazy, Neptune”

Pandora’s Box of girls making their exit with daps all a round.

“Just one hypothesis” Neptune is enthralled in the game as Icarus himself has now arrived which will be a legendary,

recalled at many CCSs festivities to come

Prometheus politely dismissing me for more pressing matters says,

“You’re friend is going to be just fine

Keep her close, you’re the Schopenhauer to her Shelly”

“Thank you so much for your time Sir, huge fan, like I said, but I’ll have to look that one up.”

With a lingering handshake he says,

“Well, while we’re

On the topic of unlikely companionships

Let me tell you a secret, before you leave for your more mundane terrestrial existence

A reasonable explaination please, Mr. Prometheus!
So that you know it is all connected,

The last time Neptune, Icarus and I met at CCS for hippos was on

Feb 12th 1809

It was a 12 hour battle-of-wits with

Many asteroids lost in the fray,

As I recall, it was a Sunday, yes, as it happened to be easy to remember,

date is celebrated as both

Lincoln and Darwin’s birthday.”

[Fictional non-metered poetry for teens and young-adults, illustrated in abstract mixed-media. The seventh articulation of a multi-media installation series in progress, “emotional body, cosmic trajectory.” By Leah Gibbas Sept 2014 {all rights reserved}]

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